Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think there are a few people in this world who might not have heard the story of Rabbit & Tortoise.  It is like this:

Once upon a time in a place, there was a Rabbit who was proud of his running speed. He was very fast in running among the all animals living in that place. He used to bother the Tortoise because of its slow speed. One day Rabbit challenged the Tortoise for a race. Tortoise thought for a while and accepted for the race. The day of Race came and both started racing. In a short period Rabbit had left the Tortoise far behind. So he thought to take a rest and meanwhile it slept. To his surprise when he woke up, the slow Tortoise had crossed the Victory line.

LESSION: Slow and Steady Wins the Race


The story we all have heard is up to this only. But the story had not finished. It continues as follows:

After being defeated, Rabbit realized his mistake and again challenged the Tortoise for a second Race. Tortoise agreed and they fixed the date of Race. Race began and this time also Rabbit left the Tortoise far behind. But this time he didn’t take rest till he crossed the Victory line.

 LESSION: Fast and Steady Also Wins the Race


After few days, Tortoise again challenged the Rabbit for the race. Rabbit was sure he will not commit the mistake of First race. So he accepted the challenge. This time the racing spot was changed. Race began, Rabbit took his most speed and tortoise also took his highest speed. Rabbit left the Tortoise far behind. In the way he saw a river that he was not able to cross. After few hours tortoise came with its usual racing speed and crossed the river and the Victory Line as well.

LESSION: Proper Planning leads you to success and don’t take Decisions without proper plan.


Again the Rabbit and the Tortoise met and after a short conversation they told each other,” Let’s have a Final Race”

This time, the spot contained both land and rivers. Surprising all, the Race was a tie.

You may be also surprised how it happened???

The reason is like this. In this race, wherever there was land, rabbit carried the tortoise and wherever there was water, tortoise carried the Rabbit. This was how they both finished the Line of Victory at the same time.

LESSION: Team Work leads to success. (Together we win)



This story not only me but also most KECians heard a lot of times from the Prof. Hirendra Man Pradhan, Chairman of Kathmandu Engineering College. I would like to share this story with my friends and I am sure it will touch your heart.

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