Tuesday, June 30, 2009

गजल - कोइ छ कि ?

मनको ढोका खोलेको छु, आउने कोइ छ कि !!

जुगौ जुगको चोखो माया, लाउने कोइ छ कि !!

कती ज्युँनु विरहमा, यहाँ पीडा लुकाइ ,
सँगै मिली प्रितीका गीत, गाउने कोइ छ कि !!

वेदनाको सागर हो यो, दुई दिने चोला,
खुशी बनी यो जीवनमा, छाउने कोइ छ कि !!

बरालिन्छ यो मन सधैं, के के खोज्छ कुन्नी,
मेरो माया आफ्नो मनमा, सजाउने कोइ छ कि !!

दागबत्ती कुरिरा'को, चिता भयो जीवन,
अमृत छरी यही लाश, ब्युँताउने कोइ छ कि !!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am writing these things based on my almost one year residence in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

When I was about to complete my Bachelors, random feelings used to come in my mind. I was worried about my Carrier, my family and my future and these feelings were not only mine but most of my friends who were about to complete their studies and step in their professional life. Market needs the experienced ones and there is lack of opportunities for the FRESHERS especially for them who lack recommendations. So the hard work of four or three years of Bachelors is always in trouble and most of the students are always in dilemma, “WHAT NEXT?”

But my plan was certain and I was mentally prepared to enter the Gulf. Discussions happen in fresh graduates about the future plan. In the same discussion I said, “I am planning for Dubai”. Some friends took it as a joke and told me, “Why don’t you try for Australia, UK, Canada or USA?” I was aware of the mentioned countries and also the life of students there. But their question didn’t astonish me because the concept towards GULF is not good in our society. Even till the date, most of people think that only unqualified persons are made for GULF region and qualified ones should try for Europe and America!!

UAE has reached in a level of all the developed countries amazing the world in last few years. Its fast growing economy and lots of amazing projects is attracting many people around the World towards it. So now it is time to eradicate the misconception of Gulf. This is not a country for living a long life but a place for making money. Earn money here and invest in your country. That will develop your country also. GULF is not a place for uneducated and ruined ones but other professionals can also make it their target.

I entered UAE in the month of July when the thermometer was showing about 50 Degree Celsius in this country. I was in Visit Visa and was about to start my carrier. I faced different interviews and took lessions from each. Everyone was seeking GULF EXPERIENCE and so I lost some good opportunities. Anyhow I found a job and started working. I am still in confusion what this GULF EXPERIENCE means? Is it whether staying in GULF or working in the related field in GULF? If I will get the exact answer I will let you know.

Beginning days were not quite good for me. This was not because of new place and new people. It was because of the concept of other nationals here towards Nepal. They had lots of misconceptions about Nepal. It is a bitter reality that Nepal in their concept is “Country of Labourers”. This is because most of Nepalese here are labourers and only a few are in good positions. Even certain people have a misconception that Nepal is a part of India. I can’t change the mentality of all but I have changed the mentality of the persons whom I am in contact with. Our society is not aware of the fact that there are lots of opportunities for educated ones and professionals here.

‘’One fact disheartens me. When a non-Nepalese speaks against our nation, most of us encourage him to speak more and more instead of protesting. This is due to lack of knowledge about own country. We have lots of things that we are proud of. If you can’t protest then you don’t have right to say “I am a Nepalese”. We have a history of independency. When our two big neighbor countries were ruled by British, we had a fragrance of independency spread all over Nepal. There is a huge contribution of Nepalese soldiers in waving the flag of peace all over the World. Nepalese are renowned for these words: calm, sincere, peace loving and brave. History is evidence that Nepalese do not interfere in other’s matters and fear not to cut the heads of those who interfere in their matters (AAI LAAGNE MAATHI JAAI LAAGNE). So non-Nepalese do not dare to cross the boundary of our patience.

Nepal is Birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Sita, Genius King Janak, home of 8 among top ten mountains of the World including MOUNT EVEREST, the Hat of Nepal. We are second largest in water resources after Brazil. Nepal dwells variety of animals and plants. Also we have variety of cultures and languages in a small. We can say Nepal a complete package that God has sent for us and we are proud to be Nepali. ‘’

Mentioned above are the things we should at least know about our nation.

Suggestions for those who are planning for abroad:

If you will chose UAE or any Gulf country for your working area before trying for Masters, there are several benefits. First one is the international experience which most countries seek while providing Visa. Second, you will have money in your hands and you will not need to depend upon your family for investing the money for Masters. Third, if you get a job in your related field in Gulf, you will, of course, get a good job in next country where you want to study only because of this experience. These are the main advantages. Also you will be able to cope up with the professional life.

Suggestions for those who are helpless to come for working in GULF:

If you want a good job and a good salary, then Computer Knowledge is most. Also knowledge of English, Hindi and if possible Arabic is needed. Before you leave your country, be sure for what work you are hired for. I have seen many workers who have invested a huge amount and are paid a low salary with different work. They cannot protest here and can’t even return back as they are drowned in a debt that they invested while entering Dubai. To regret and face whatever comes in their way becomes their life here. It becomes a Golden jail for them which seems gorgeous from outside but the inner reality is different.

People work really hard for earning money. I have seen many people who hesitate to spend a single Dirham for their good health and good life. Accommodation is very much expensive here and many people share a single room (A normal room includes 10-20 persons). The family members and other neighbors see the earned money only but not that hard work and the pain of the person while earning that money. This is not only the reality of our nationals but also of other nationals.

Now the condition of our country is propelling persons to leave the country. But while leaving country keep yourself well prepared. Otherwise you will have to suffer a lot. Take this out of mind that if you are not satisfied with the company you are hired by, you will change another company(You will have permission if NOC(No Objection Certificate/Letter) is provided to you which is a rare chance). Because once you sign the contract, you will have to pay for breaching the contract. You can be BANNED for 6 months or 1 year if you breach the contract. You are not allowed to work in multiple companies(PART TIME) and also Overtime(OT) is not provided by all the companies. So dig out all the necesaary details of your destination before sailing your dream ship to GULF.

I have heard there are lots of Nepalese Societies here that are made for welfare of Nepalese workers here. But I am not in contact with even a member of those societies. May be I am new to UAE and so I could not meet them. Proper trainings and classes should be given to them to cope up with the circumstances that happen here. It is their duty to make aware who are willing to step GULF and help the ones who are working here.

Last but not least, it is a fact that when you are out of your country you miss it most. But life is uncertain and we need to cope with different circumstances in life. Gulf life has made me feel I can survive in any other place wherever it may be. This experience will certainly help me in my upcoming days.


जिन्दगी को गोरेटोमा अनायासै हराइ रहे
दु:खको बाटो रोजे हर्दम् सुख पर सराई रहे

कठीन पलमा साथ दिनु धर्म आफ्नो सम्झी
आफु डुबे अरु लाई खोला पारी तराइ रहे

मुर्खता थियो मेरो अरुको लागी राम्रो सोच्नु
अरुलाई माथि पार्न आफु लाई झराइ रहे

स्वार्थी यो दुनियाँमा भेटिन कोइ दु:ख पर्दा
आफन्तको नजरमा विडम्बना पराई रहे

निरासाको जिन्दगी जिउनु गार्हो हुंदो रै'छ
रित्तिएको मुटु पनि आसले नै भराइ रहे

Sunday, June 21, 2009

गजल -- मैले सोचेको मेरो देश !!

मैले सोचेको मेरो देशमा हत्या हिंसा हुन्न साथी
मैले खोजेको मेरो देशमा कोही आमा रुन्न साथी

कोइलिको मिठो गीत गुन्जिन्छ बनैभरी मनैभरी
मैले रोजेको मेरो देशमा अशान्ती ले छुन्न साथी

गिद्दे नजर राख्ने हरु होसियार भई बस्नु तिमी
मैले सोचेको मेरो देशमा पाउन्न जालो बुन्न साथी

एकताको उदाहरण बनी यो चिनिने छ दुनियाँमा
मैले खोजेको मेरो देशमा कुनै फाटो हुन्न साथी

हिमाल पहाड तराई मेरो क्षेत्रियताको बिभेद हुन्न
मैले सोचेको 'नेपाल'को थाले स्वप्न उन्न साथी

गजल दोहोरी !!

Jiten: घर नगिचैको बरको त्यो रुख ढलेको देखे
सपनिमा हिजो आफ्नै चिता जलेको देखे

Pradeep:किन यस्तो निरासाको भुमरिमा साथी तिमी
हतास भई आज तिमी आँफै भित्र गलेको देखे

Jiten: विरक्तिन्छु साथी म घरको त्यो स्थिती देखी
सुन्दर मेरो फुलबारिमा बिशालु फल फलेको देखे

Ravi: इमान् जमान् मरिसक्यो धर्म भ्रस्ट भएपछि
बेइमानीको त कालो बजार नै चलेको देखें ।।

Jiten: खोक्छन अझै देश जनताको लागि लड्दै छौ
राष्ट्रभक्तिको खोक्रो चन्दन तिनैले नै दलेको देखे

Pradeep: आफ्नै सन्तानले आगो लगाए विवशतामा रुन्छिन्
भित्र भित्रै नेपाल आमा डढेलो सरि बलेको देखेँ !

Jiten: चुनिनु अघी ठुला ठुला आश्वासन दिने यिनले
छेपारो झै रङ फेरी जनता अझै छलेको देखे

Ravi: स्वार्थ आफ्नो सोझ्याएर महल ठडाउन भ्याए,
रगतको भेल तेल सरी नेपालीलाई मलेको देखेँ !

Jiten: कुकुरको पुच्छर १२ बर्षमा नि बाङगै हुन्छ था'छ
अझै धुलो छर्न "जन सर्वोच्चता' ओकलेको देखे

गजल --- परदेशीको ब्यथा

मन त छैन बिदेशमा, खुन पसिना बगाउने !

आफ्नो घर उजाड राखी, पराइ महल सजाउने !

आफन्त म खोजुँ कहाँ, पराईहरु माझबाट,
भेटिएन कोही पनि, मनको मीत लगाउने !

धेरै भयो स्वदेशबाट, खबर केही आ'को छैन,
सुनाउ साथी केही शब्द, देशको माया जगाउने !

बाध्यताले आफ्नो माटो, छोडी आएँ पराइ मुलुक,
दिन गन्दै बसेको छु, आफ्नै ठाउँ फर्काउने !

गजल --- के पायौ ??

आफ्नै भाई निर्ममताले मारेर के पायौ
दु:खको भारी जनता माथि सारेर के पायौ

खुशी होलाउ आज तिमी सत्ताको मातमा
देखावटी खोक्रो जीत हारेर के पायौ

आश्वासन चर्का भाषण सत्ता पुग्ने सिढी थिय
बिकासको मार्ग पर सारेर के पायौ

भाईचारा भन्ने शब्द एकदेशमा सिमित रह्यो
भाई भाई बीचको नाता बारेर के पायौ

भन्थ्यौ तिमी यो देशलाई स्वर्गसरी बनाउनेछौ
स्वर्ग थियो नर्क तिम्ले पारेर के पायौ

शान्ती कैले आउँछ भनी अन्योलमा छ जीवन
संविधान लेखने मिती टारेर के पायौ

गजल -- कहाँ सक्छु ??

वैलिएको फूल हुँ म, सुवास कहाँ छर्न सक्छु ।
एकफेर त मरी सकें, फेरी कहाँ मर्न सक्छु ।

माया बिना रित्तिएको, धेरै भयो मेरो मुटु
महँगो रे सुने जब, सोचें कहाँ भर्न सक्छु

सुखमा त साथ दिने, साथी भेटें कति कति
जीवन तर दु:खसागर, एक्लै कहाँ तर्न सक्छु

छोटो जीवन लामो यात्रा, धेरै भोगें धेरै देखें
आत्मिय हुँ भन्छौ तिमी, भर कहाँ पर्न सक्छु

भयो अब चाहिदैन यो शहरको बसाईँ पुग्यो

क्षितिजपारी त्यो गाउँमा, डेरा कहाँ सर्न सक्छु ।

गजल !! आमा !!

परिमार्जित गजल 
धेरै भयो तिम्रो पाउ छुन पा'को छैन आमा । 
दु:ख पर्दा मन खोली रुन पा'को छैन आमा । 

भोको पेट लामो रात, निदरिले छोडिन् साथ,
जिन्दगी यो अलिनो भो, नून पा'को छैन आमा । 

मर्दा रुने पर्दा जुट्ने, आफ्ना मेरा छुटे गाउँमै,
यो शहरमा आफ्नो कुनै, खून पा'को छैन आमा । 

भन्थ्यौ तिमी बैगुनिलाई, गुनले नै मार्नु पर्छ,
बदलामा गुनको यहाँ, गुन पा'को छैन आमा । 

 छल्किएका नयनहरु, रित्त्याइदिन्थे सक्ने भएँ,
आँशुले यी पीडा मेरा, धुन पा'को छैन आमा । 

धेरै भयो तिम्रो पाउ छुन पा'को छैन आमा !!
दु:ख पर्दा मन खोली रुन पा'को छैन आमा !!

खाने पिउने ठेगान् छैन, सुत्ने झनै भर हुन्न,
आँशु मिच्छु खानासित,नुन पा'को छैन आमा !!

मर्दा पर्दा साथ दिने आफ्ना मेरा त्यही नै छन,
आफ्नो भन्ने यहाँ कुनै,खुन पा'को छैन आमा!!

भन्थ्यौ तिमी बैगुनीलाई गुनले नै मार्नु पर्छ,
बदलामा गुनको यहाँ,गुन पा'को छैन आमा!!

फुल फुल्छ बगैचामा, आँशु घुल्छ वेदनामा,
आँशुले नै पीडा सबै, धुन पा'को छैन आमा!!
दु:ख पर्दा मन खोली रुन पा'को छैन आमा !!


Nobody inherits religion, cast and many other differentiations that are made by us, so called “HUMANS” of this world. When we step in this world, then we are categorized into certain borders, religions and other differentiations that make a barrier between us. In today’s world, known as Global Village, still there are barriers that dishearten us as we are forced to do the things we don’t want and not allowed to do what we want.

There is a saying “Children are gifts of God”. This is because of their innocence, purity, virtuousness. They are not aware of this aberrant world. As far as I think hardly there are people who hate children. Their one smile makes you get rid of thousand tensions.

You may be confused why I am talking like this. Let me eradicate your confusion.

After my office hours I need to take a public bus to get to my residence. It takes almost one hour to reach my residence provided that there is not a huge traffic jam. This is my daily schedule.

Yesterday (14th March 2009) I boarded the bus and took a seat that was just behind Ladies’ seat area. I was busy listening songs not caring what is happening around me. After a while I was attracted by a cute child with a smile in her face. She must be between her second or third year of birth. I wanted to play with her but was helpless as she was with her mother with “Burka” (traditional dress that Muslim Women wear). I could not stop myself as she was inviting me to play with her with a cute smile. Her invitation forced me to play with her symbolically like wagging hand, blinking eyes, making comic facial expressions. She tried to imitate my expressions with a huge smile in her face. There was a border between us, a glass that separates ladies and gents section. I thought it is nothing, the main barrier is the barrier created by we humans, “The barrier of Religion”. I wanted to hug her, lift her and play with her. But…….. Her mother was noticing the things going on there. She was trying to keep her child apart from me. But anyhow she was fighting with her mother to have a look at me. She was innocent and her heart was no doubt pure. But I understood the situation and changed my seat. I don’t say it is the fault of her mother. All this is the fault of us, the most intelligent creature of this World.

While I was facing the situation, I was reminding a story “Mero Sano Saathi”(My Little Friend”) which I have read while I was in school. I don’t remember the name of the writer (May be Manjul) and the class.

गजल -- आमाको मुख हेर्ने दिन बिशेष !!

गुम्सिएका मनका भाव, पोखेर यो गजल लेखें !
तिम्रो माया यो छातीमा, रोपेर यो गजल लेखें !

चाह छैन मन्दिर-मस्जिद, चहारेर बस्ने मलाई,
मेरी आमा तिम्रै पाउ, ढोगेर यो गजल लेखें !

मेरो लागि कति दु:ख सहेकी छौ मलाई था'छ,
के सकुँला ऋण तिर्न ? सोचेर यो गजल लेखें !

सम्झन्छु म पुराना दिन, रसाउँछन् यी आँखाहरु,
परेलिको डिलमा बाँध, बाँधेर यो गजल लेखें !

तिमी छैनौ ब्यर्थ छन् यी, दुनियाँका खुशी सारा,
तिम्रै नाम तिम्रै मन्त्र, जपेर यो गजल लेखें !

गजल -- तिम्रो याद !!

देखे जून आज फेरी तिम्रो रुपको झल्को आयो
याद सँगै बिताएका ति मधुर पलको आयो

फुलबारिमा फलेका छन फल मन लोभ्याउने
मानसपटमा तर मुहार त्यै मेरै फलको आयो

मिलन हुँदा खुशी हुने बिछोडको दु:ख अर्कै
हाम्लाई टाढा बनाउने खेद दैव छलको आयो

कस्तो थियो साथ तिम्रो रमाईला ति दिन थिए
जीवन यो उराठलाग्दो मन्मा आजकलको आयो

बिछोडको वेदनालाई रोएर नै टारेकी थ्यौ
सम्झना बिछोडिदा बहेका अश्रु भलको आयो