Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nobody inherits religion, cast and many other differentiations that are made by us, so called “HUMANS” of this world. When we step in this world, then we are categorized into certain borders, religions and other differentiations that make a barrier between us. In today’s world, known as Global Village, still there are barriers that dishearten us as we are forced to do the things we don’t want and not allowed to do what we want.

There is a saying “Children are gifts of God”. This is because of their innocence, purity, virtuousness. They are not aware of this aberrant world. As far as I think hardly there are people who hate children. Their one smile makes you get rid of thousand tensions.

You may be confused why I am talking like this. Let me eradicate your confusion.

After my office hours I need to take a public bus to get to my residence. It takes almost one hour to reach my residence provided that there is not a huge traffic jam. This is my daily schedule.

Yesterday (14th March 2009) I boarded the bus and took a seat that was just behind Ladies’ seat area. I was busy listening songs not caring what is happening around me. After a while I was attracted by a cute child with a smile in her face. She must be between her second or third year of birth. I wanted to play with her but was helpless as she was with her mother with “Burka” (traditional dress that Muslim Women wear). I could not stop myself as she was inviting me to play with her with a cute smile. Her invitation forced me to play with her symbolically like wagging hand, blinking eyes, making comic facial expressions. She tried to imitate my expressions with a huge smile in her face. There was a border between us, a glass that separates ladies and gents section. I thought it is nothing, the main barrier is the barrier created by we humans, “The barrier of Religion”. I wanted to hug her, lift her and play with her. But…….. Her mother was noticing the things going on there. She was trying to keep her child apart from me. But anyhow she was fighting with her mother to have a look at me. She was innocent and her heart was no doubt pure. But I understood the situation and changed my seat. I don’t say it is the fault of her mother. All this is the fault of us, the most intelligent creature of this World.

While I was facing the situation, I was reminding a story “Mero Sano Saathi”(My Little Friend”) which I have read while I was in school. I don’t remember the name of the writer (May be Manjul) and the class.

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